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Harlem English college (HEC) has been dedicated to providing English programs of the highest quality to international students since 2010.  By employing highly qualified and dedicated instructors and by utilizing a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, HEC provides the perfect environment for rapid language improvement.

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A Complete Media Training Kit

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What Students Say

"After joining Harm College's courses, I noticed a significant improvement in my English language skills. The courses were distinguished by excellent teachers and diverse curricula. I became more confident in speaking and writing."
dina Hallway
"My experience with Harm College was fantastic. I was concerned about my language abilities prior to enrolling, but thanks to the professional instructors and great study materials, my skills improved rapidly."
tayson nabil
"I was looking for an educational course to help me improve my English language skills for my career. Harm College exceeded my expectations. I gained a lot from the courses and became confident in communicating with my international colleagues."
gamel adel

Learning the English language holds great significance in the modern world for several reasons:

Global Language: English is the global language and the primary means of international communication. If you speak English, you can communicate with people from different countries and cultures.

Education and Research: English is the language of science and technology. If you want to access the latest research, academic journals, and educational materials, having a good command of English is essential.